Basic services
  • Consultation on the use of IT solutions tailored to your business needs;
  • Specialised market analysis;
  • Website audit and diagnosis on redesign and usability;
  • Development of website designs using HTML, Flash design;
  • Creation of content-manager-controlled websites of any complexity, from "business cards" to Internet portals;
  • Design and implementation of Internet databases of any complexity;
  • Input of information on the website using materials provided by the Client;
  • Maximising the website's potential using a ratings search with the aid of Internet search and ratings tools;
  • Website or database testing according to requirements and functionality;
  • Placing the website on an Internet web server - hosting;
  • Support of the Client's electronic mailboxes;

Depending on the requirements for designing the website, one or other design solutions and technology for operating with graphics and multimedia technologies may be available. Whatever the case, the design of your website will be:
  • Originally thought out and impeccably completed;
  • Completed strictly according to your corporate style;
  • Ergonomic, but at the same time, packed with information.
Website design is your company's image on the Internet, and we KNOW this.


We are already in our thirteenth year of designing programme solutions for you and your business. We have developed a precise programming strategy:
  • When designing websites we only use state-of-the art project management technology;
  • We extensively apply a modular approach to programming;
  • We are designing new content manager programming modules geared to market demands;
  • We don't experiment on our Clients and only offer them completed IT solutions;
  • We offer our Clients a package of software solutions for a set of requirements.
The website should work like a clock.


Managing a website with the aid of content managers designed by us can be achieved by any employee of your company. However, the volume of materials at the start-up of the finished website is so great that it is worth trusting us with this work. We will build your site with the necessary information both quickly and accurately.

At the same time as the initial set-up of the website, we will maximise its potential with the use of Internet search and ratings tools. Correct registration of your site with the main search and ratings systems will show the right path to your clients and partners.

A full-value site is a WELL-BUILT site.


Testing is a major phase in designing a website. We have designed and successfully used a multilevel scheme for testing software products, practically eradicating the risk of unforeseen situations arising during future use of the website. We control the operating condition of your website so that you will see:
  • Satisfaction of your requirements;
  • Efficient operation of the Client with the website;
  • Compatibility with all makes of software;
  • Fully regular functionality with various Internet browsers and with different screen resolutions.
Your website is in full working order!


The Internet is the graphic manifestation of the information sphere. Your site in this information sphere is a powerful advertising platform for your company. There are two types of objectives: websites and website interaction. It is not enough simply to create a website - it is also essential to solve the task of its interaction with other websites on the Internet. Only then will your website work and supply you with the necessary contacts, orders and, finally, money in real life.

Promoting your website - leave it to us.